The Hypocrisy of the DOJ

A recent article titled, “Defying presidents and Congress, the ATF, DEA, FBI and U.S. Marshals shroud their shootings in secrecy,” highlights the hypocrisy of DOJ Consent Decrees. While the DOJ demands absolute transparency and loyalty to local police agencies, they are actually extremely secretive about their own law enforcement agencies.

In referring to police consent decrees, the byline of the article is telling and exactly what we have been telling you here wit the exception this is coming from NBC News.

Here are some pertinent quotes from the article that relates to the further scam that are police consent decrees.

Congress and a string of presidents for nearly 30 years have been pushing federal law enforcement to reform and become more transparent. But those four agencies overseen by the Justice Department, among the most prestigious in the country, have been slow to adopt reforms long embraced by big-city police departments, such as the use of body cameras and the release of comprehensive use-of-force data.

The failure of local agencies not using body cameras or not using them in the way the DOJ believes they should be used have appeared in Consent Decrees.

Examinations of the (shooting) incidents revealed that the Justice Department’s law enforcement agencies continue to use tactics that many big-city police departments now shun. They have fired at moving cars and shot people within seconds of encounters — without taking steps to de-escalate the situations.

All  consent decrees mention use of force issues and prohibit firing at moving cars and their perceived failure of the officer to deescalate. 

Although the Justice Department has forced local law enforcement, like the Baltimore and Los Angeles police departments, to reform, its own agencies are legally exempt from similar oversight. The use-of-force data the Justice Department agencies publish is so limited that it is hard to determine who was shot, why, when and by whom.

No local agency would be permitted to behave in this fashion. Keeping mind that after the shooting of an unarmed civilian committing a misdemeanor crime (trespassing and vandalism) inside the Capitol, the DOJ has still not released details of the investigation or a copy of their use of force policy and the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing.

In the past decade, local police leaders have embraced body cameras as crucial accountability and transparency tools, particularly for informing the public when things go wrong. More than 60% of local police departments use the devices, a Justice Department review recently found. But the Justice Department’s own officers rarely wear them, and the agency didn’t allow their use until 2021.

Not only is the hypocrisy at record levels, basic police operations are simply ignored.

After Ulises Valladares was found shot dead, with his hands bound in duct tape, by a federal agent in 2018, his family still has no information including the federal agent that killed him.  Fidel Valladares, one of Ulises’ brothers sums it up like this:

“They aren’t transparent,” he said. “They aren’t clear. They are hypocrites.”