Take Action

With the decades of consent decree disaster, you may be wondering how any city would volunteer to participate? By their very nature, federal consent decrees are political tools and it is politicians that have to agree to using that tool. While it is clear through the research that it does not work, we are fearful that the city of Phoenix will make the same mistake that so many other cities have made.

These mistakes were made by politicians and those politicians made a decision without those they represent having a say. Considering that it will be the citizens of Phoenix that will be paying for a consent decree and it will be the citizens enduring the hardships that come alongside a consent decree, we want our voice heard. Maricopa County is already suffering from a consent decree and if Phoenix is added to that, we simply cannot imagine what will occur in this community.

We are asking every concerned citizen to contact the politicians responsible for this decision.

We recommend an e-mail and a phone call.

E-mail is easy to ignore but it also provides a digital trail that the message was sent. Meanwhile, a phone call ensures that you are taking a serious effort to voice your concerns.

Please do not trust us that a consent decree will destroy our great city. We encourage you to look at the resources we have provided at this website.

We have an open invitation to anyone that wants to defend the merits of a consent decree and we will publish their thoughts un-edited. As of the day you are reading this, no one has offered to defend a federal consent decree.

You can locate your council district here.

We also recommend sharing pertinent articles from this website to your friends and family on social media. You can locate specific articles about Phoenix here. 

Contact Phoenix Officials 

Mayor Kate Gallego, Email: mayor.gallego@phoenix.gov  /  Phone: 602-262-7111​

City Council – District 1 Ann O’Brien, Email: council.district.1@phoenix.gov  / Phone: 602-262-7444

City Council – District 2 Jim Waring, Email: council.district.2@phoenix.gov  / Phone: 602-262-7445

City Council – District 3 Debra Stark, Email: council.district.3@phoenix.gov  / Phone: 602-262-7441

City Council – District 4 Laura Pastor, Email: council.district.4@phoenix.gov  / Phone: 602-262-7447

City Council – District 5 Betty Guardado,  Email: council.district.5@phoenix.gov  / Phone: 602-262-7446

City Council – District 6 Kevin Robinson​, Email: council.district.6@phoenix.gov  / Phone: 602-262-7491

City Council – District 7 Yassamin Ansari, Vice Mayor, Email: council.district.7@phoenix.gov  / Phone: 602-262-7492

City Council – District 8 Kesha Hodge Washington​, Email: council.district.8@phoenix.gov  / Phone: 602-262-7493

City Manager’s Office Jeff Barton, Email: jeffrey.barton@phoenix.gov  / Phone: 602-262-6941