Seattle Police Are Fleeing While 911 Response Times Increase

Seattle, Washington – The city of Seattle is struggling to hire new police officers as their response times cross ten minutes for emergency calls for service. The Gateway Pundit reports that crime is so bad in some parts of the city that the mail is not being delivered by the Postal Service.

KTTH News reports that while the budget was increased for recruiting purposes, the hiring has been lower than expected.

According to a report being made to the Seattle City Council Tuesday, the department wanted to hire 31 officers in the first quarter of 2023 but only brought on 26.

The department has been under a Consent Decree for over a decade and since 2020, the department has lost 515 officers and hired just 190. Many have retired, but others said in exit interviews they did not feel supported by the city during the “defund the police” movement following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Authorities report that the agency continues to lose nine officers a month.