Merry (Murder) Christmas To These Consent Decree Cities

One of the critiques we have heard from this website is that consent decrees look so bad from our content that it simply can’t be all true. We’ve challenged anyone that believes that to show us one thing here that is false…just one.

We are still waiting.

Even when it comes to Christmas, the DOJ makes sure that danger lurks around every corner of the cities they inhabit.

An article from Fox News further proves just how dangerous consent decrees make cities under the name of “reform.”

Citing research from Vivint, a smart-home security company, 15 of the most dangerous cities during the holidays emerged and you guessed it.

Consent Decrees won!

You can check out the entire list here but half either have consent decrees or are located next to a consent decree city.






Denver (Aurora)

St. Louis (Ferguson)

The holidays aren’t the only time consent decrees make communities dangerous. As we previously said, consent decree cities make up 12 out of the top 20 murder cities.

Merry Christmas Phoenix.

We hope it stays that way!