Maricopa County Attorney rebukes possible federal oversight of Phoenix police

Two years, two months and two weeks have passed since the U.S. Department of Justice began its wide-ranging investigation of the Phoenix Police Department.

While investigators inch toward a resolution, Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell rebuked the DOJ’s effort to assess the practices of Phoenix police.

“I know that we’re looking at another DOJ investigation into the city of Phoenix. I’m not sure people understand how controlling that is and how much money that involves,” Mitchell said Wednesday at a press conference. “It has grown into a cottage industry that is costing taxpayers millions and millions of dollars.”
Mitchell’s comments on federal oversight echo those of Sheriff Paul Penzone, who announced on Oct. 2 that he would be stepping down and not seeking reelection. During his announcement, Penzone let bitterness flow toward the federal court oversight that he inherited from notorious former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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