A Message To Phoenix Media…Where Are You?

It’s unfortunate that it takes the effort by a group of volunteers to educate the public on the damage that police consent decrees do but that pales into comparison as to the media silence on the issue. While there have certainly seen some media outlets that have reported on these issues, many are simply trying to find out WHO is behind this website.

That seems odd.

But we suppose that it is a compliment. No one in the media is questioning the factual nature of the content so they are simply trying to identify who is behind the content.

Should the information on this website not be more important?

If they believe it will be some sort of “gotcha” event, it won’t be. No one in the Phoenix Police Department or any of the unions are responsible for this website.

Some in the media would like that because then, this information could be twisted as some sort of propaganda.

We believe that the public deserves to know the truth and we challenge anyone to find something on this website not true.

We also encourage the local media to report on these truths. 

If Phoenix politicians agree to a consent decree, with the documentation readily available on this website, they should and will be held accountable.

We aren’t going anywhere.

But, the media outlets that refuse to discuss this information to the public should also be held accountable.

The decision to impose a consent decree will cost millions every year, reduce the Phoenix Police Department staffing significantly, and violent crime will rise.

This is literally a “life and death” decision.

We’ve published not only the peer reviewed journals discussing that but the violent crime rates that followed EVERY consent decree.

We are not conducting some sort of campaign but giving much needed information.

It’s sad that WE have to do that.