The Death Of Police Consent Decrees

This is the smoking gun that should be the death knell for all DOJ consent decrees in the United States. I previously posted about an annual closed-door, invitation-only Consent Decree Conference:

This is the conference agenda. Speaker panels are made up of federal judges, DOJ attorneys and for-profit monitors who are actively engaged in federal oversight of police departments. This conference provides a forum for federal judges and DOJ attorneys to engage in ex parte collusion on pending matters before the court. Conference attendees are deciding the fate of cities all across the country with absolutely no transparency or accountability and in violation of ethics rules designed to ensure the integrity of our judicial system. This illegal and unethical conduct should result in the disbarment of the judges and attorneys involved.

One panel moderated by someone who has been the monitor in multiple cities is entitled “Messaging in Consent Decrees: Lessons Learned.” Consent decrees are a commodity that DOJ forces cities to purchase. DOJ and monitors want to improve their marketing and sales campaign by improving their messaging.

Another panel is called “Best Practice in Police Reform- The Baltimore Consent Decree.” This is led by the Baltimore Police Commissioner. Baltimore is far from being a reform success story and this is simply an attempt by Baltimore PD to ingratiate themselves with the judges and DOJ attorneys.

One panel is called “What Works and What Doesn’t in Reform Implementation.” This title makes no sense because DOJ claims that all their consent decrees are successful and are the only way to effectively reform a police department that has a pattern or practice of unconstitutional policing. Apparently, DOJ attorneys are willing to admit behind closed doors that their consent decrees don’t always work the way they are supposed to.

Consent decrees are the result of organized corruption designed to enrich private for-profit monitors and advance the political careers of DOJ attorneys. State Attorney General’s Offices should launch RICO investigations into the individuals involved in these federal oversight scams and should file injunctions to halt the abusive consent decrees that are already in place. State bar associations should revoke the law licenses of attorneys and judges involved in these unethical schemes.

No city (i.e. Phoenix, Minneapolis, Louisville, Trenton, Memphis, etc.) should ever agree to purchase one of these consent decrees no matter what the DOJ tells them.