Hey Interim Chief…We Have Some Questions?

Phoenix Interim Police Chief Michael Sullivan has been very quiet over the last few weeks which we find odd considering his agency is facing one of the most important important decisions in history. A consent decree imposed on the Phoenix Police Department will radically change that agency and community for generations. That is not hyperbole; that is exactly what has occurred in cities across America following a consent decree.

Portland was a beautiful destination for families and lovers of the outdoors a decade ago. Nine years into a consent decree, the city has been described as “incredibly violent” as their murder rate is up four times the historical average.

The same is true about New Orleans. It was one of the most frequented destinations before the DOJ came to town in 2013. Now, the historical city has less than half of the officers it needs according to former Superintendent Ronal Serpas and the violent crime is up 100%.

We could tell you about every consent decree city here but we already have. We have published numerous articles on this issue in an attempt to tell the decision makers in Phoenix how important this decision is but not everyone seems to be paying attention.

Just a few City Councilors have publicly said that they are concerned about the DOJ and Interim Chief Sullivan has said nothing more than he is waiting for the investigation results.

We find that very strange and frankly disturbing.

How could any police chief, interim or not, not be raising the alarms to the extreme dangers that a consent decree would pose to their agency and community.

Since Sullivan has said very little to the local media, we were hoping he would answer our questions. When and if he does, we will post his responses below the questions posed.


  1. Do you believe the Phoenix Police Department needs a consent decree to reform?
  2. Do you believe the Phoenix Police Department has displayed a ‘pattern and practice’ of discriminatory policing?
  3. Do you believe a consent decree will help make Phoenix safer?
  4. Do you believe that a consent decree will help or hurt the agency recruit?
  5. Attorney Michael Bromwich as been tasked with helping you during the DOJ investigation and it appears the city has paid one million dollars for that help. How has he helped?
  6. Do you believe the DOJ can make Phoenix PD a better agency than you could as the leader?
  7. Use of Force is always a focus of the DOJ. What have you done to evaluate and assess the use of force in Phoenix?
  8. “Interim” means you will be around for a short time, and that you won’t have to be around to deal with the consequences of any consent decree in Phoenix. How, specifically, you plan on leaving the agency better off than it was when you arrived?
  9. You were brought to Baltimore PD from Louisville and led the Compliance Bureau there, including the Consent Decree Implementation Unit. During your tenure of implementing “reforms” in Baltimore, crime rose and quality of life declined for residents there. Do you consider your tenure in Baltimore to be a success, and if so, why?


We look forward to his answers…