Phoenix Police Has Cutting Edge Strategy On Policy Development

The Phoenix Police Department is getting national attention for their new approach to policy development. Dr. Travis Yates is a national trainer and author of “The Courageous Police Leader,” and according to his recent article, he has been telling agencies for over a decade that new policy development must include input from the community.

Yates wrote that Phoenix was the first agency he was aware of that has implemented this strategy.

Phoenix PD announced the strategy in January. You can read that here.

We don’t know if Yates has ever spoken to the staff in Phoenix or why the agency began this process but it is just another example of how ridiculous the DOJ Investigation is.

In the coming months we will continue to tell you what the DOJ won’t. The Phoenix Police Department is one of the best agencies in the nation and this change in policy implementation is just one small part of that.

You can read Yates’ article here. He was very complimentary of the Phoenix Police Department.